Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Knight to the Table

I finally did it.  After a little encouragement from Jack I bought a second hand imperial knight.  Now I am playing regular games and from time to time have to face other players larger and more powerful models (stormsurge, wraith knight, hierophant...) I decided I needed a little power too.

He came in pink and while I liked the colour I felt he needed to match my marines.  In under 24 hours of receiving him I had finished painting him. Trying to keep to my get it, build it and paint it regime. we all have too much un-built and unpainted stuff in this hobby...

I am very happy with how he turned out.  A relic from a bygone age Gottfried serves House Aureus, a noble House of the now dead world of Aureus.

The order Extermini did well in their one mission of the campaign.  I used a whole host of detachments from the Agents of the Imperium codex and it made for a fun and different experience.  they won 11-8.

Below is some fluff about their game.

Return of the Tau

The Astartes strode into the hold with an air of overwhelming confidence. Faustus had claimed three worlds from the Tau in mere days, the fighting had been intense but his losses minimal. While his brothers were quick on the draw, Inquisitor Gob was instead welcoming. "Congratulations Lord Jackal! Three worlds is an achievement for the Canis Aureus indeed," He grinned advancing towards the marine arm outstretched. "How peculiar. I guess the old Terran customs never die, even after all of these long years," said Faustus with a sly grin, clenching the inquisitors gauntlet. "Terra be damned and down with the Imperium. We are glad to see you here Lord. As you can see times have changed. Your Chapter has been removed from records, you are hunted by the imperium and despite your efforts you are not commended for your eradication of the xenos scum. You and I have the same aims. Your brothers that emerged from the Warp earlier have already allied with us. Despite your large number of Astartes it would seem that you could do with allies as well," "Now is the chance to prove your allegiance Inquisitor. The Mother has sent a warning. They are coming." As the Jackal spoke, the warning sirens in the hold rang out. The ground shook as Astartes, infantry, tanks and dreadnoughts readied for the assault. A crippling explosion decimated the north wall of the compound. Tau streamed in through the breach, a tide of hatred. Gunfire consuming all in its way. In an instant hundreds of guardsman's lives were over. Rallying his long lost brothers Faustus commanded the Mother's Chosen forward, their psychic storm tearing into the oncoming Tau. The xenos screamed and attempted to escape. Winds tore through them and battered their remains into nearby construction girders, decorating them in a deep azure hue. Starting the systems in his Knight, Barron Gottfried of House Aureus advanced from his position. Focusing their fire the Tau tried to fell the gallant warrior but in vein. Charging into the fray he collided with the warriors beneath him. Even from his height and with the noise of battle he could hear their death cries as he stomped and cut them apart with his blade. Serving alongside the mighty Astartes of his home world was an honour worth dying for. Long had he been taught of their dishonour and demise, yet did the Imperium save their homeworld in their absence? Did anyone in the Imperium care for the billions lost? Of course they didn't. No life was sacred, just tools to be used in the never ending war. His families dishonour would be rectified this day. They may have fled from the all consuming hive, but today he would begin his ancestors redemption. Slowly the knights shields began to drop, crackle and flicker, as shot after shot impacted into his colossal frame. Behind him, through the ceiling came their mighty leader donning the advanced riptide suit. Overcharging it's weaponry, it fired a seemingly endless steam of firepower into his back. Once the torment was over, Gottfried spun around and charged the commander. Sparks flew and cabling was severed as he assaulted the riptide. It's burst cannon continued to fire as it hit the ground, shortly followed by the rest of the suits remains. Pressing his mighty blade into the squirming Tau Gottfried muttered his families prayer to the fallen, before revving the blade into action. Kaltos Gob bellowed in rage as he injected himself with a cocktail of substances that he'd acquired from the underhive back on Shalan. Seeing his squat, rotund acolytes torn on the ground filled him with a dark self loathing. He knew that they were all expendable but he blamed it all on her. That damn convict all of those years ago. A simple escort mission, then somehow he ended up the joke. If it wasn't for her he wouldn't have gone down this path. Now he'd made his pact with Chaos, dark unknown entities, xenos and even Corrupted Astartes. There was a special place in hell for him. Eternal torment and pain was inevitable. Slashing at the piranha with his blade, he ignored the incoming fire. Shots impacted into the ground around him. Launching off of the blasted. Landscape he slammed his daemon blade into the drivers helmet. Spinning out of control, he was thrown off as the vehicle swerved into a nearby building and exploded. Swiftly the Tau began to retreat. The damage had been done, the message sent. Some of the best minds and warrior the Exterminii had possessed were now lost. Even in this time of desperation they had succeeded in repelling the overwhelming assault. Making his way through the settling ash, Wolf mother's Chosen Nic carried his fallen brother in his mighty arms. "Our Lord Faustus was dragged into the warp, the daemons claimed him. The last words he spoke were: Never fear there will be a retribution, I shall return!" "Make your peace with the dead Chosen, we have work to do," replied the Inquisitor. Retribution is a word he liked and the dancing faceless figures around him told him it would be carried out in full. This system would fall under the might of their new ally and the Tau would fall back leaving these worlds for dead. Spasming, Kaltos collapsed, wrenching and heaving the daemons caressed his scalp. "It will be done," they whispered. "It will be done."

Monday, 6 March 2017

Battle Scribe!

Making army lists has always been time consuming.  For the year I have been playing chopping, changing and switching around points can be a total pain in the backside.  I love it but I also hate it.  Buying the official Space Wolf codex for my Aureus saved me a lot of time.  But the Force Requisition manager is not without fault and it often crashes or lags out when you need it most.

Battle Scribe fixes these issues.  While it isn't a codex it does posses all of the information and options for every army list, including supplements and data slates that have been released separately.  Meaning that now making a Chaos Space Marine, Genestealer Cult or Deathwatch army list has become far easier.

Once again a big thank you to Jack for getting me to buy the app on the iOS store.

Now making my lists for this weeks games is easy!

You can select units and then customise them fully, without complication or hassle and you can always see the running points total.  now there is no need to buy every hard copy of a codex that I own in digital format too.

But if 40k isn't your thing or you play other miniatures games as well, never fear as Battle Scribe supports most of those too.  For such a tiny price it is a must have to any tabletop war gamer.