Monday, 3 April 2017

Rebellion in Sector 375

Gradually Mia's Tau force are getting there.  A couple of weeks ago I came up with a simple paint scheme that is simple and effective.  Mai is as skilled with a brush as I am but just slower to paint, so I wanted to develop a scheme that could be painted quickly.

The first Stealth Suit

The first Kroot

Clearly having some painted helped.  In our small game Guard vs Tau, she beat me 5-2.  To honour the victory I painted a picture of her Commander and came up with the fluff below.

Commander Payne - The one-armed warrior.

Rebellion in Sector 375

It was evidently clear that the people of Sector 375 did not want the Imperium here. Diplomacy was not part Lord Commisar Harris' skill set. She had already put over one-hundred men and women to death for minor disruption and insubordination. Her veterans had also been finding any xenos and executing them on sight. What had appalled the Commissar most was the way in which humanity in the sector had embraced Tau customs.

Strolling over to the quarantine zone, she was pleased to see it had finally been burnt out. The disease brought over by the Astartes sorcerer had left the ground tainted and the people plagued. For a week outbreaks had appeared throughout the sector. Cold sweats and fever rapidly turned into nausea, black blisters and eventually death. The goat-headed monster had infested the Tau machinery, but in turn began its own genocide. Over fifty of her men had fallen to the plague in the past seven days. Dealing with the matter and personally putting them out of their misery had quelled the rebellion brewing in her ranks swiftly. Despite being of xenos origin, she had warmed to Deest. A kind soul trapped in the body of an efficient and capable killer. He had been able to quell large sections of the sector with anti-Imperial speeches and talks of integration. That was until Payné had revealed herself. Payné was a Fire Warrior and a true believer in the greater good. In the colossal system war between the Order Extermini and native Tau/human coalition, she had seen much bloodshed. Astartes tearing her allies apart with chainswords and fists, artillery decimating the kroot gun lines and terrible warp powers obliterating all in their path. Her unit had succumbed to the extreme ecstasy of their twisted Psker's powers. His feminine and daemonic face sent the warrior and her allies into a frenzy. One moment they were fighting and the next they were tearing off each other's armour in a passionate frenzy. Her arm had been severed by a rogue boltgun shot, which had broken the spell. Filled with a burning rage she had defeated four cultists that had been observing the display. Despite the odds she had killed them with her bare hands before going into hiding. For a week she had repaired and attended to her late commanders battle-suit, removing the arm and adjusting it to her frame. The humans in the sector had tended to her wounds and kept her well fed. They had even attended the beatsman's public speaking to avoid suspicion. As the second speech commenced, Payné launched from the cellar she was hiding in and dashed to the central house. Aiming through the kitchen window, she sprayed the wall with fire from her twin-linked burst cannon. Guardsman popped and split under the frenzied wave of firepower. Unable to react to the tau's furious speed they awaited their leaders instructions. Swiftly turning to the offensive, Commissar Harris made the advance. Once again heavy fire from her custom Wyverns tore through the rebellious xenos threat. A tear falling from his eye, Deest tore into battle blasting his heavy bolter into the Commander's drones. The barrage of fire sent one drone crashing into the ground. He had hoped that conflict would not have started again so soon. To the north the three remaining stealth suits advanced. Hidden from the enemy, they rallied the people into uprising. Soon after they made their way towards the central firefight. The first opened fire. His fusion blaster tore the guardsman in tw,o as the Fire from his comrade took down another three of the enemy Commissar's squad. Skimming into the fray the skyray marked its target with precision. After it had fired all six of its missiles the Wyvern lay a smoking wreck. One of the crew ran for cover in vain, as the stealth suits advanced on their target. Tearing the second wyvern's fuel canister apart with a fusion blast the metal beast errupted. In a torrent of fire and shrapnel, the wyvern exploded killing half a dozen guardsman, as well as consuming the crew inside. Leaving no time to celebrate their victory, the suits continued to make an example of the Commissar's strongest men. Only once the veterans had been eliminated and the remaining guardsmen surrendered, did they quell their fire. Commissar Harris continued to lunge at Commander Payné. Deest had stood back and surrendered recognising defeat. His mighty fists bloody and bruised from impacting with the Commander's battlesuit. He knew any further resistance would be futile. As the suits moved in Harris continued to punch at Payné's shell. Tearing off the mid section, she saw her assailants face. Young and beautiful, it made her wretch. Removing her mask in a frenzy she spat at her rival. Payné was not shocked at what she saw but pitied the scarred warrior in front of her. She was a result of the Imperium's treatment of its own. As she beat her into the ground with one final blow, Payné declared the victory to all that surrounded them. Rejoicing the civilians hailed the new, self-appointed Commander and began to detain the cowering guardsman. A minor victory had been achieved but it would take time before they could claim the planet back from their opressors.

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