Sunday, 5 February 2017

Order Extermini vs Tyracorns

I had my first game using Astra Militarum under the banner of the Order Extermini.  It was a bloodbath. Wyverns are excessively strong for 65pts and in a small 500pt game there was not much stopping them.

My Lord Commissar Harris took to the battlefield today.  She was a stocking filler gift for Christmas and a Wargames Exclusive model.  I was impressed with the sculpt and she was a delight to paint.  Once finished she looked a bit ridiculous bare-chested, so I gave her a fishnet body stocking.  Still ridiculous for battle but it looked more fitting.  

In the 500pt game I did also pay for two power fists, making her a very costly unit indeed.  She got to use them though and it made a great end to a brief but brilliant skirmish.

In other news, these beauties are three rhinos that were snagged on ebay for £20.  I'm using the custom turrets for hydras or wyverns in my games.

Some pics of the battle

Lord Commissar Harris

Her face bore the weight of many conflicts. Eyes sunken and skin as pale as the bleached bone beneath her feet, her visage was that of a nightmare. She had witnessed even hardened men wince at the sight of her twisted and scarred flesh. Often they would turn away or fix their gaze upon her hat, rather than the bloodshot stare beneath it. Commissar Harris' time in the trenches had been rough. She had risen quickly through focused determination and a lust for violence. It was here she discovered the Imperium's flaws and how to exploit them. Commissar was a title generally given to the Noble classes, but in combat, duels and eventually banquets she'd earned her title. During the Battle of the Black Reach she had lost both of her arms to an Astartes. A brutal and accidental moment of friendly fire. Her entire force was wiped out, their home World destroyed and erased from all records. Hidden by Inquisitor Gob and given a new title of Lord Commissar Harris escaped death. After six months recovery she took to the battlefield again. The tyranids had been a constant threat in their system. In order to win favour with the Canis Aureus and the Brotherhood of the Star Blessed she had to eradicate some in battle herself. Taking her remaining loyal men, three Wyverns and one of Gob's most accomplished xenos lieutenants, the Commissar took to the war zone. Voxing orders through her built in headset, she ordered her men to hold position in the ruins. Out of the moons dust they came. Shining horrors of the darkness, sparkling in pinks and white. The first artillery bombardment shot wide as the xenos advanced. Turning her attention to the armed termegants Harris ordered her units to fire. Erupting in a sparkling lurid mist they were torn apart. Screaming and thrashing the survivors pressed on. Slowing it's heart rate and focusing its gaze the lone termagant fired at the soft targets before it. Feeling the live ammunition tear from the barrel of it's devourer it felt a brief lurch of satisfaction. As the biomass impacted into her unit, three men fell screaming and writhing in agony. Seeing the incoming Hive Tyrant Sgt. Woo broke into a run. Lurching forward the Commissar grabbed him with both of her powerfists before dragging him into the ground. "Take down that bastard or you'll all eat the dirt maggots!" Blazer ordered, thrusting his custom las rifle towards the charging giant before them. Finding their target the Wyverns obliterated the swarms. The twisted engineseer clucked and chirped with glee blessing the vehicles with his worship. Feeling inspired by his alien ravings the crew of the Zant fired its heavy bolter into a nearby warrior, chipping away at its carapace. Identifying it's weakness the veterans signalled to their leader. Having released a large wave of psychic energy the Tyrant collapsed to the ground letting out a roar of agony. Seizing the opportunity Harris signalled the charge. Bounding on her reinforced legs she propelled herself into the fray. Clutching their already seeping heads, she trust them both into the ground. Cracking under the might of the servo motors their bodies thrashed no longer. "Bury them. You did well today." She said to her remaining men, before climbing into the nearest Wyvern. "We're done here. Move on out!"

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