Friday, 3 February 2017

The Order Extermini

Due to the recent acquisition of the Imperial Agents codex I have started yet another army.  This has led me to collecting all of my armies under the same cause: The extermination of the Imperium in the uncharted regions of space.  Led by a cabal of traitor inquisitors, they are mustering any faction they can to try and gain power, while struggling against the constant onslaught of Tyranids and Tau.  

Below are some of the models I have started with and their reasons for being in the Order.

Kaltos Gob is an Inquisitor who was put under investigation for harnessing chaotic artefacts, communicating with daemons and the alleged ritual sacrifice of a planet.

Psyker and Jackal Lord, Faustus Bridge agreed to the cabal's terms and offers the support of his Ancient Astartes in return for aid against the Tyranid threat that destroyed their homeworld.  His methods and worship of The Wolf Mother are not only accepted by the Order but held in high esteem and chapels of worship have been built in her name.

Lord Commissar Harris offers her leadership, insight and political connections to aid the Order's mission. Rebuilt after a horrible friendly fire incident during the Battle of the Black Reach, she joined the Order Extermini and remains a devout follower.

The Convent of the Hoof is an experimental offshoot of the Imperium.  Founded in an attempt to harness xenos abilities in order to benefit the Imperium, the Convent was soon "shut down" by higher authority.  Now this handful of xenos assassins carries out the work of the Order assassinating obstacles to the cause across the reaches of space.

The Squats of Corthax.  Surviving their races genocide by tyranids, this 143 million strong fighting force thrived in the deep mines of their planet. They hold a deep resentment of the Imperium, Eldar and Orks who all refused to aid them in the final days.  Now they serve as acolytes, engineers, vehicle crews and in Astra Militarum regiments across the expanse of uncharted space.

 The Beastmen of Santi were originally a peaceful race that knew only their home world.  They were visited by Tau.  Refusing to let go of their ideas and worshipping rites, the Tau soon enslaved the race and wiped any trace of Tzeentch that they could find.  Naturally strong, intelligent and capable, the Beastmen made ideal recruits for the Order, mainly filling in leadership positions within the ranks of the Astra Millitarum. Here they are allowed to continue with their worship and hold on to their ideals.

The Brotherhood of the Star Blessed are a xenos cult. Somewhere in their gene code is an error. Survive and propagate is a greater calling than that of the Hive Mind.  The Patriarch's will is to spread and grow but for it's own benifit, not the hive mind itself.  Understanding "The Great Ones" will, their head Magus Janet has arranged to loan the manpower of the Brotherhood to aid the Order, in return for an expansion agreement for their race.

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